Cleaning your home after you are back from a hard day’s work is not an easy thing to do and this is where our maid service in Raleigh, NC will come to your rescue. We are Maid In Raleigh and we offer premium maid service in downtown Raleigh, NC. We have professionals offering you various cleaning services that will allow you to focus on other activities in your new found spare time. SHINE, SPARKLE, SHINE.

Just think… “What will you do with your Free Time”?

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What to Expect from a Maid in Raleigh Clean!


  • Counter tops cleansed and sanitized
  • Top and front of stove cleaned
  • Glass top surfaces wiped
  • Kitchen Sink Cleaned & Shined
  • Front of Appliances cleaned
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Ledges, window sills and blinds dusted
  • Cobwebs removed
  • All doors and frames spot cleaned


  • Toilets cleaned and sanitized
  • Showers, bathtubs and tile walls cleaned
  • Sink and vanity cleaned
  • Chrome fixtures and mirrors cleaned and shined
  • Cleaned and sanitized floors and vacuumed carpets
  • Cobwebs removed
  • All doors and frames spot cleaned

[/fusion_fontawesome]Living and Sleeping Areas

  • Beds made
  • General room straightening
  • Flat surfaces hand wiped
  • Picture frames, Ceiling fans, Lamp Shades and Knickknacks dusted
  • Ledges, window sills and blinds dusted
  • Wood floors vacuumed and mopped (using special wood floor cleaner)
  • Accessible Carpeted Floors vacuumed
  • Stairways vacuumed

Our goal at Maid in Raleigh is to hit our target on every cleaning. On the rare occasion that our aim is a bit off… no worries just give us a call back and we’ll do our best to correct the issue. Our Policy is: Our policy is that if you are dissatisfied with the service provided that day you can call the office the same day and Maid in Raleigh will perform a re-clean within 24 hours at not cost to you. How’s that for Customer Satisfaction!

Got More Questions? Click our FAQ’s link below for all the FACTS.

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  1. Is Maid in Raleigh Insured? Maid in Raleigh is fully Insured and Bonded. So when dealing with us there is no worries of damage or workers comp issues, we have it covered.
  2. Will I be given an exact time for my service? Although we would love to schedule your cleaning for precise times, it’s nearly impossible. There are number of factors that prevent this from happening; Traffic, some homes require more attention than others and unforeseen delays. For this reason we schedule clients within a Morning or Afternoon Time Frame. Mornings are from 8am – 12pm and Afternoons are 12pm – 3pm. If there is a preferred time we’ll try to schedule as the 1st house of the day (pending availability).
  3. What is the cost of a cleaning? The cool thing that about Maid in Raleigh we have a base Flat Rates for our different programs (monthly, bi-monthly, weekly or one-time). Our rates aren’t based on how many rooms you have. There is an additional charge for larger homes based on square feet.
  4. How many maids will clean my home? Maid in Raleigh teams are usually comprised of 2 maids. There are some cases in larger homes where we’ll send in a team of 3. From time to time if a team member has an emergency or is out sick we’d send one maid. You are always ensured the same level of cleaning but it may take a bit longer in the latter scenario.
  5. Will I have the same team? The cool thing that about Maid in Raleigh we have a base Flat Rates for our different programs (monthly, bi-monthly, weekly or one-time). Our rates aren’t based on how many rooms you have. There is an additional charge for larger homes based on square feet.
  6. What’s included in a cleaning? See our “Services” section to get a look of what comes with our basic cleanings.
  7. What if wanted extra’s like laundry or something else? Good news for the most part we’ll take care of the extras. Some of our extras include: Wash and Dry Laundry, Folding Clothing, Inside Refrigerator Cleaning, Inside Cabinet Cleaning and Inside Oven Cleaning. Also Carpet Cleaning (per room price). These are ala’carte items that are between $10-20 bucks each.
  8. What types of payment do you accept? Well Maid in Raleigh is en vogue with all the newest technologies. You’re able to pay by tradition check or cash, but most customer prefer to pay by Credit/Debit Card which can be swiped at your door at the time of service. Or an emailed invoice that can be paid for electronically. We also have the option of paying on our site here.
  9. Do you offer any discounts or coupons? Why yes… yes we do. Along with our feature discounts and coupons we also have Contest for free home cleaning periodically. In order to receive these promotions you have to “Like” our Facebook Page, Follow us on Twitter & Instagram to be “in the know”!
  10. Do I have to be home during a cleaning? The short answer is no. Many of our clients feel comfortable with us and our reputation that most leave a key or garage code for our team to let themselves in. Some customers prefer to be home and that’s fine to.
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Maid in Raleigh

Maid in Raleigh Offer’s different Service Levels to meet every need and budget

Wether you just feel like having a “Show Room” Finish Cleaning or an every week Maintenance Cleaning. One of our cleaning programs is sure to be a fit for you… Ready to Maid in Raleigh WOW You?

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House Cleaning Services - Maid in Raleigh

We offer a variety of services including:

We service all of Raleigh and we especially frequent:

  • Downtown Raleigh: Scrubbing every area of our beautiful city.
  • Cameron Village: Yeah we’re here too!
  • North Hills: Oh, the lovely homes of North Hills.
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