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Leader in Green Cleaning Solutions in Raleigh, NC

A clean home or office is always a treat for the eyes. But, it’s important that your cleanliness doesn’t become a hazard to the environment. When it comes to green cleaning in Raleigh NC, Maid In Raleigh is the leader. We use only green products and solutions for a complete residential and commercial cleaning solution.

We can not only make your house cleaner, we can also make them greener and a safer place to breathe freely.


How We Clean To Make your premises Environmental Friendly

Green cleaning in Raleigh NC as elsewhere is very important. Using organic, green cleaning solutions are the safest and healthiest choices for you. With unique, eco-friendly techniques, such as using green certified cleaning products, HEPA Vacuums and EPA-Registered Disinfectant, your premises are kept clean and healthy, making sure that the environment remains free from chemicals.

  • Complete residential and commercial green cleaning services for homes, apartments and offices.
  • We use specific eco and green cleaning solutions for cleaning your kitchen, living room, bedroom, drawing, offices and other areas.
  • Cleaning carpets using green environment friendly techniques
  • Complete sanitization of kitchen and bathroom using only the green cleaning solution.
  • Tiles and grout cleaning using industrial equipment with zero environmental damage.
  • We use a cleaning system that improves indoor air quality and protects the health and safety of the client
  • Minimum waste by reducing the amount of cleaning waste.
  • Minimize water usage to reduce impact on the environment.
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Why Choose Us

At Maid In Raleigh, we have a highly efficient cleaning staff with industry training on green cleaning solution. Our professional experts have the experience you need, having dealt with all types of residential as well as commercial cleaning using green cleaning solutions and techniques. We understand that some people may have health issues such as asthma, allergies or other breathing issues and we take complete care of using ingredients that don’t aggravate your situation in the least.

Time Efficiency

Time is again important for our clients and we understand it. With our green cleaning in Raleigh NC, we can assure you a complete cleaning and sanitization in even less time than you expect